This Study Guide helps the formal and informal Jewish educator deal with important issues surrounding end of life practices. The Guide provides detailed lesson plans on a range of topics including: Placing Death in the Context of the Jewish Lifecycle, The Chevra Kadisha and the Core Values of Judaism, A Demonstration of Chevra Kadisha Rituals and Tasks, and Halachic Issues Regarding Organ Donation. Armed with the necessary tools and reinforced by the transformational success this initiative has had at the Yeshiva High School in Boca Raton, educators of teens and adults will be able to effectively impart knowledge on these critical areas simultaneously enhancing their students’ Jewish Identity.

—Rabbi Kenneth Brander,Yeshiva University,Vice President for University and Community Life; inaugural dean, Center for the Jewish Future and Rabbi Emeritus, Boca Raton Synagogue

The Final Journey: How Judaism Dignifies the Passage is a pioneering project that educates high school students about the Jewish view of death. It is designed to expose students to both the philosophy of what happens at death as well as the practical procedures of the Chevra Kadisha. I am grateful to Rabbi Jonathan Kroll, Head of School, Yeshiva High School and Rochel Berman, author of Dignity Beyond Death : The Jewish Preparation for Burial, for piloting this endeavor. It is my hope that it will be emulated in Jewish high schools throughout the world.

—Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, Senior Rabbi, Boca Raton Synagogue

Our young people know all about some life-style events—bar/bat mitzvah, weddings—but little or nothing about end-of-life customs. This new study guide fills a long-felt need, teaching high school students history, laws and customs of Jewish burial rites. How Judaism emphasizes respect and loving care even at the end of life is a lesson that will enrich and enhance students’ lives. Rochel Berman and Jonathan Kroll have given us an educational gem.

—Nancy Klein, Founder and Chairman Rosh Pinah Chevra Kadisha,Westchester, NY

The Final Journey offers an invaluable service to Jewish education—the study of material that is so important, and yet, is noticeably absent from the curriculum. Composed by a most distinguished group of experts, rabbis, educators and members of Chevrei Kadisha, it will most assuredly help our young adults understand both the sanctity of life and the ultimate chesed shel emet.



—Rabbi Leonard Matanky, Congregation K.I.N.S. of West Rogers Park; Dean, Ida Crown Jewish Academy; President, Rabbinical Council of America