Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida

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Academic Support

Academic Support Programs

The Learning and Academic Support Department encourages and guides students in the development of learning skills and personal management strategies that are key to success in high school and beyond.


All KYHS students are offered a comprehensive range of classes, services, and programs based on a variety of student needs and learning profile:


Peer tutoring labs, workshop instruction, and academic coaching to facilitate the development of executive functioning skills such as time management, organizing and planning, effective note taking, test preparation and test taking.

The department also coordinates academic intervention for students with grade-related issues as well as targeted support for diagnosed disabilities in the form of curricular modifications and accommodations.

A program of small group instruction with a learning specialist and speech and language pathologist is available. It includes the supervision of a case manager, who oversees the overall academic progress of a student, coordinates any necessary accommodations and modifications to the curriculum, and serves as a liaison between teachers, students, and parents.