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Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida is well known for its wide range of exciting co-curricular programs and activities. We are offering families the opportunity to sponsor a program/event in honor or in memory of an occasion or a family member. Please feel free to contact either one of us by email or at the school office if you are interested in one of these opportunities. Sponsors will be recognized in our regular email communications to our parent body and community.

Yeshiva Highlites - Weekly Sponsor - $100 per issue

A weekly publication created by students and faculty, the Highlites “highlight” what is going on at KYHS. Close to 2,500 recipients enjoy reading the Highlites. Sponsors will be prominently acknowledged in the weekly newsletter.

Day of Learning at KYHS - $180

A fitting way to honor a Simcha or a birthday, or commemorate a Yahrzeit or other occasion.

School Shabbaton/Retreat – Sponsor a student for the weekend - $275 or $295

A powerfully inspiring and memorable experience at a hotel in Florida filled with ruach and fun for the entire student body.

Rosh Chodesh Breakfast – looking for a group of sponsors ($100 each) per Chagigah

Each month a special program takes place at the breakfast (guest speaker, multi-media presentation, dancing). A perfect opportunity to acknowledge a birthday or other family occasion.

Boys and Girls Night Seder - Weekly Sponsor - $360; Annual Sponsor $10,000

Sponsor an evening of Torah study. Close to 150 students enjoy independent learning with Rebbeim and friends on Wednesday nights. Dinner is provided to all attendees and transportation is provided to the communities south of Boca.

Chanukah Mesibot – looking for a group of sponsors per Mesiba ($100 each)

Students enjoy a special breakfast during one morning of Chanukah at their teachers' homes.

Ashreinu - Weekly Sponsor - $180; Annual Sponsor $3,600

A weekly Torah-portion digest distributed in many shuls across South Florida.

IPAC - Sponsor a bi-weekly meeting or an Israel Education Week (IEW) event for $180; Annual Sponsor - $5,000

IPAC educates and promotes awareness of Israel and her relationship with other countries. The IPAC club brings in educational and informative speakers and runs programs during lunch twice per month, and coordinates Israel Education Week (IEW), a week of school-wide activities in the spring of every year.

Faculty Luncheons - sponsorships available starting at $36

Show your appreciation to the dedicated KYHS faculty and sponsor one of the faculty luncheons that take place 4 or 5 times throughout the year.

Hollywood Family Shabbaton Luncheon - luncheon sponsorships available starting at $500; Weekend Sponsor - $3,600

KYHS families and Judaic staff spend a Shabbat in the Hollywood community. Staff, parents, and students enjoy Shabbat meals together. Sponsorship includes luncheon for a family of six.

Senior Dinner - sponsorships available starting at $360

Help sponsor an enjoyable dinner for the senior class and staff with delicious food at a special venue.

Graduation - sponsorships available starting at $360

A moving tribute and send-off to our beloved senior class followed by an enjoyable and festive collation.

Yom Hazikaron Program - sponsorships available starting at $100

An impactful memorial to those who gave their lives fighting for the State of Israel and victims of terror.

Yom Ha’atzmaut Activities - sponsorships available starting at $360; $5,000 to sponsor the entire day

Our day begins with Israel-themed classes and activities followed by a spirited lunch and chagigah to celebrate the State of Israel. All students enjoy an off-campus activity in the afternoon.

Sports Banquet - sponsorships available starting at $180; Event Sponsor $2,500

A tribute to the past year’s student athletes.

For more information, you may contact Executive Director Shimmie Kaminetsky at