Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida

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Message From the Athletic Director

Message from Athletic Director, Mrs. Rachel Yudewitz

The Athletic Department plays an important role in the culture of KYHS and in our students' lives. KYHS athletes practice hard and energetically compete on the fields and on the courts. We are so grateful to our team members for creating such a terrific sense of school spirit. 
As our students compete athletically under the mentorship of our wonderful staff of coaches, they develop a strong ethic of teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication. The values learned on the court and on the field last a lifetime. 
Our students balance a heavy workload that includes both Judaic and General studies. They learn how to effectively manage their time and demonstrate total commitment to learning while excelling in athletics. 
Our array of athletic opportunities is robust. We are always looking for more ways to involve more students and expand our program. This year we added baseball.
I am so proud of all of our students and I marvel at their commitment to excellence in their studies and in their sports. I know that the lessons learned and the experiences shared while competing on their teams will serve our students well as they continue to assume leadership positions as they advance through life.