Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida

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Message From the Athletic Director

Message from Athletic Director, Ms. Kris Ruffo


I am thrilled to be the Athletic Director here at KYHS of South Florida.  Being a “lifer” in the world of athletics as an athlete, coach and administrator; I fully understand the role that athletics plays in the culture of the school and the development of our students.  I will assist in enhancing our students experience at KYHS through the vehicle of Storm Athletics.


Our coaching is staff is dedicated, knowledgeable and embraces the mission and values of the school.  They fully understand the academic workload required by the students of both the Judaic and General Studies curriculum and will work with them to accommodate their academic and athletic needs.  


We currently offer 12 sports: Volleyball, Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis for girls and Cross Country, Golf, Flag Football, Basketball, Tennis and Baseball for boys.  We are always open to adding sports if there is enough interest generated by the student body.


The life lessons learned through athletics are ones that our students will never forget.  I am committed to empowering all our student-athletes via their particular athletic arena and I am looking forward to great school year.


Kris Ruffo