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Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida

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Judaic Studies


The goal of Judaic Studies at KYHS is for students to be engaged in the study of the Torah that Hashem has given us. Students will be challenged to acquire new textual skills, enhance their reading capabilities, and grow their ability to analyze pesukim and commentaries. They will be encouraged to think and to ask as well as to answer questions. In doing this, our goal is that students will have both the desire and the ability to continue as lifelong learners.

The classes are tracked and divided by gender so that we can ensure that each student can be pushed to the maximum of their ability. We have an incredible faculty that is focused on making their classes challenging and interesting as well as relevant and meaningful. While we learn books that were written hundreds or thousands of years ago, their messages are as relevant and profound as they have always been.


Neviim and Ketuvim נ״ך


Our four-year curriculum includes an in-depth study of the history and personalities of the Jewish Kings, the Biblical Prophets, and their Writings. Classes focus on the comprehension and analysis of the stories of Nach and their placement within the context of Jewish and World History.

Grade 9

Our Freshmen study Sefer Melachim II, focusing on the story of Malchut Yisrael. This course explores the events and personalities that contributed to the decline of the Northern Kingdom, leading to its conquest and dissolution at the hands of the mighty Assyrian Empire.

Grade 10

Our Sophomores continue the study of Sefer Melachim II, along with the books of Yirmiyahu and Yechezkel, focusing on the story of Malchut Yehuda. This course explores the events and personalities that contributed to the destruction of Yerushalayim and the BHM”K at the hands of the Babylonian Empire.

Grade 11

Our Juniors study Sefer Ezra-Nechemiah, focusing on the period of Shivat Tzion, the national return to Israel after 70 years of Babylonian exile. This course focuses on the challenges the Jewish People faced when rebuilding a Jewish society in Israel with a new Beit HaMikdash at its center.

Grade 12

Our Seniors take three trimester-long Navi classes, with a broad range of topics such as the poetry of Sefer Tehillim and its relationship to Sefer Shmuel, an in-depth study of the Five Megillot, and the powerful prophecies of Yishayahu. This rotation of courses gives students an opportunity to learn a diverse array of Sifrei Nach with a strong philosophical focus.


GEMARA/ TORAH SHEBAAL PEH: גמרא/ תורה שבעל פה


The Gemara curriculum is a blend of skills development and analysis.  Predicated on their background, the boys will be tracked in a Gemara shiur that will build vocabulary and fluency of reading in addition to understanding the systematic logic of the Gemara and will help them be able to critically analyze the sugya.  


Grade 9


Grade 10


Grade 11

Bava Kama

Grade 12


There is also a masmidim track in addition to the regular honors boys class which is designed for boys who are looking to push themselves even more in their learning and religious development and who are willing to make an extra time commitment to meet that goal.

In 9th grade, our girls learn Gemara and in grades, 10-12 girls are given the option of taking either Gemara or Torah Shebaal Peh. 


Torah Shebaal Peh is a study of Halacha that is source-based.  The girls will see first hand the sources that make up the backbone of the halacha that ultimately gets fleshed out through the prism of the Rishonim / Medieval commentaries and ultimately the codes, Mishna Torah and Shulchan Aruch and given practical application through contemporary responsa literature.  Such a rich presentation provides a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Halacha.

Grade 9

Hilchot Berachot and Tefilla and lifecycle events.

Grade 10

Mitzvot Bein Adam L'chaveiro

Grade 11

The laws of Shabbat

Grade 12

The senior year is split in two: half the year is Kashrut and the other half is Jewish Medical Ethics.


סדר ערב ומשמר


To increase opportunities for Torah and Tefilla, the school offers two optional programs. The weekly boys and girls' Night Seder programs include dinner, Torah study, and maariv. On Sunday mornings, boys can study and daven with KYHS staff in communities throughout South Florida.