Keter Society

At KYHS, we inspire our students to make a lifelong commitment to Jewish values, learning, and observance, and to view all of life’s pursuits through the prism of Torah. We challenge our students academically through our excellent Judaic Studies curriculum and rigorous General Studies program. Our devoted faculty engages students at all levels of learning, enriching their knowledge in both Judaic and General Studies. Our students consistently gain admission to the top yeshivot and seminaries in Israel and to the finest colleges and institutions of higher learning across the country, where they thrive and continue on to pursue successful careers in a variety fields.


A key component of the KYHS experience is the extra-curricular activities that are offered beyond the classroom. Highlights include holiday celebrations and commemorations, an annual color war, a vibrant student council, and a robust athletics program that includes 12 teams that compete against schools nationwide, in addition to a multitude of other student-centered clubs.


Keter Society was created in 2003 by a group of dedicated parents and supporters of KYHS to provide additional financial support to the school.


Keter Society donations enable the school to:


  • Educate as many students as possible, regardless of their financial ability 
  • Offer our students the highest possible level of Judaic and General Studies education
  • Enhance the high school experience of our students through an extensive array of extra-curricular activities


Members of Keter Society make a four-year commitment to the school as follows:


כתר שם טוב

Keter Shem Tov

$36,000 and above per year


כתר כהונה

Keter Kehuna

$18,000 and above per year


כתר מלכות

Keter Malchut

$10,000 and above per year


כתר תורה

Keter Torah

$6,000 and above per year


כתר כבוד 

Keter Kavod

$3,600 and above per year

For more information, you may contact Executive Director Shimmie Kaminetsky at [email protected]